clays 308 subsonic

Remember Me? Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Is it possible to get a subsonic to cycle in an AR? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Is it possible to get a subsonic to cycle in an AR? My friend was talking to me, wondering if he can get a mold to cast a bullet heavy enough to cycle a subsonic in an AR platform chambered in I have my doubts about it, but he is interested in it for short range and so doesn't really care if it tumbles.

Does anyone know how heavy the bullet would need to be? Has anyone played with this idea? Last edited by happy7; at PM. I assume you mean an AR or variant, since it is impossible to get a. In any case, you will need to experiment with different powders and boolit wts. Probably a slow powder and heavy boolit could possibly provide the port pressure that you need. If it was easy, anybody could do it.

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You are right. I guess it shows that black guns are not my thing. But my friend is into them, and I do want to help him if I can. Some have opened the port a few thou and added an adjustable gas block to allow full power shooting also. Some have had luck with the blkout CB, others have not. Definitly needs a carbine bbl. You can get the gas to work but twist and accuracy may need some work. I've shot 's CBs with light but NOT subsonic loads, gas works but accuracy 50 isn't particularly good.

It really shouldn't be any different then the blkout, you just have a higher volume case and may need some filler. It isn't going to be easy. In order to get the velocity below the FPS threshold to keep your boolit sub-sonic, you at reducing your pressures significantly. You are limited in your powder choices as well. You want the powder to burn, not detonate. I have had great success using Clays powder in mybut not getting it to cycle the action. The other double edge that has to be skated is accuracy of the sub-sonic load.

You may find one that operates the action, stays under FPS, but won't hit the broad side of a barn.

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Let us know what you find. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country Once the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. Benjamin Franklin. It all depends. I would think that for your scenario to work, you might get by with a carbine barrel and port or a barrel with a port designed for an SBR short barreled rifle.Moderators: mpallettbakerjw.

Privacy Terms. Quick links. My subsonic. Mangement not responsible for load data. Use at your own risk. Here is a general step-by-step on making subsonic. It's primary design is for Cowboy Action type firearms - but it's large signature and slow burn rate make it an exceptional choice for creating subsonic. Everyone's weapon is different so don't use this recipe and expect the exact same results.

The cases were trimmed to 1. In comparison a 40 grain. Stretch out the cotton so that it looks like a bad Halloween spider web - very wispy and airy. Using your punch tool, gently push the wispy cotton into the case. NOTE: the amount of cotton shown in the photo is more than necessary and was just for the photo. It wasn't showing up well with the amount that I actually use - use less than pictured This will keep the 3. Couldn't get a great photo, but the cotton should fully cover the primer and be significantly lower than the bullet base when seated.

After seating and crimping the bullet in the normal fashion, take a black sharpie and color the tip of the round black so you don't get them confused with your super-sonic ammunition. And now you have a subsonic. With proper shot placement all shots should be properly placed you CAN take down deer sized game out to yards with this round.

In a true SHTF scenario, this could be a life saver if you need to kill your food silently without alerting those zombies around you as to your location.

I feel this is a very useful load to have and I'd be very interested in seeing what others came up with in regards to.There are many reasons for using such loads in your guns. The most obvious is the recoil reduction that they produce. For example you can take a ammunition and load it to velocities without much problem.

That reduces the recoil and is still powerful enough to harvest deer. In fact, there are some reduced loads offered by the factories in a few of the more popular ammo rounds. There are several ways to accomplish this though a couple are not well known and seldom used.

The most obvious way is to use a small charge of a fast burning powder. Done properly it works well especially with cast bullets. One of my favorites is using 10 to 12 grains of Unique Smokeless Powder with a grain cast in a I obtain excellent accuracy and it is a good way to use old cases.

Flake powders in general work well with reduced loads because they are easy to ignite and take up space. The IMR 7 and powders also work okay with reduced loads. A powder that came out a few years ago is Trail Boss. It is a very low-density powder and is possibly the best powder for rifle cases and cast bullets. I have shot a lot of different rounds with Trail Boss and cast bullets with excellent results.

It is an extremely consistent powder for that use. With magnum cases, IMR Trail Boss is the best choice as it takes up a lot of space which aids in consistency. In addition, cast bullets are more desirable because they are less expensive and require less pressure to push down a barrel.

Generally, they produce excellent accuracy. Virtually all of my modern rifles has at least 1 or 2 reduced loads worked up for them. Another thing to reduce power along with the powder is to use a lightweight bullet. All factors being equal, a light bullet produces less recoil and range then a heavier slug. A good example is a gr bullet meant for a 30 carbine. It can be used in any 30 caliber rifle with good results. If you want to go up in power somewhat but still want a reduced load then a rifle powder that is not generally used might be the ticket.

If you take a full size case such as a or then you might try some or a similar burning powder such as Alliant Reloader 7. Depending on the case and load, you will have a load that is on the low end for hunting. You can drive a grain bullet at speeds which will do for deer and cut down on recoil.

308-500 .308 Subsonic Controlled Fracturing

There is a large area that you can experiment with. I have a client that owns a 35 Whalen which has too much recoil for his liking. Any deer with a hundred yards or so is in serious jeopardy.

With a magnum round such as a 7 mm or then you might want to use a powder in the area. If you take a slow burning powder and reduce it, then there is a risk of inconsistent loads and possibly a bullet stuck in the barrel. That is why some manuals warn not to use less than the minimum amount listed.Log in or Sign up.

Carolina Shooters Club. So, I have been working loads for a suppressed rifle. None were really useful. Three different loads, velocities fromdecent accuracy. So my current "working" load is xx. The round has a quiet snap, much like an unsuppressed. I need to get a Noise Meter or Noise Meter app and actually see how loud it is.

JamesLFlowersSep 13, Remove Advertisement. Heavier is your friend Personally I prefer a heavy round nose bullet. Pointy noses are a waste in subsonic bullets.


My friend uses trailboss powder for his subsonic loads. I think he started with gr bullet and they worked. His rifle doesn't cycle either, it's a dpms SASS. All of his gr loads are pretty quiet. Peter GriffinSep 13, Joined: Dec 15, Messages: 4, Location: Mecklenburg.

I believe the original. The 's maintain their velocity over distance. In the pistol powders, did you try 10gr.

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I tried various recipes with Unique, Clays, and about 4 other powders. I really like the Trail Boss load as it fills the case significantly. Last edited: Sep 13, I am running a slightly heavier load of Trail Boss, so it looks Like I might be able to lower the powder a touch.

All the factory subs I have seen run gr bullets for BLK. I would think those would be good starting points for a. It might allow you to build a bit more pressure and get lucky with cycling while staying subsonic. The biggest thing with a dedicated BLK is the recoil spring tends to be softer, which allows the subs to cycle. Joined: Apr 6, Messages: 54 Location: Alaska. Suggest IMR in Win RedTeam98Jan 29, Moderator: shotgunworld.

Registered users:. Subsonic Ammunition Moderator: shotgunworld. Posted: Tue Jan 25, pm.

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Does anyone know if a 12ga shotgun firing subsonic clay shooting cartridges is louder than a. I shoot in a rather noise sensitive area and would like to know if I can solve the problem by buying subsonic ammunition for my 12 gauge or if a. Posted: Wed Jan 26, am. Posted: Wed Jan 26, pm. I've shot low noise low recoil 12 guage factory loaded shells. The velocity was not on the box but I doubt they were "subsonic". Also, the only shot size I saw available in the stores in these reduced loads was 8.

clays 308 subsonic

Bottom line is that they did kick a bit less but the reduction in noise level did not seem to be that much. Hastings used to sell a "suppressor" for shotguns - it was a 36" barrel extension that screwed into the the choke tube thread.

A writer brought one out to the club that worked with Beretta Mobil chokes - in hisa standard 12 gauge was still audible, but hearing protection didn't do much as the sound was fairly low. Its original purpose was for scaring ducks and geese in urban parks, etc.

Not sure if they still make it. Posted: Thu Jan 27, pm. B-P shells have a sponsored forum on SGW - scroll down and take a look at their shells. I shoot their subsonics low-recoil - low noise shells when I'm just out bustin' clays for the fun of it. They definitely are less loud than regulars. Softer too. They apparently are used in Europe to keep range noise down.

May I suggest you consider giving them a try? In general, BP shells are very nice shells and they are going to introduce non-tox loads soon. Posted: Fri Jan 28, am. Bobby14 There isn't a whole heap of difference between a "normal". Posted: Fri Jan 28, pm.

clays 308 subsonic

Posted: Mon Jan 31, pm. Everyone seems to agree that a. Mainly, I shoot turtle doves, quail and other small birds so I don't much like the idea of a huge suppressor fitted to my barrel Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Author Message bobby Utility Grade. Crown Grade. Field Grade.The required barrel twist rate for stability with a muzzle velocity of 1, fps is so these bullets can also be loaded in most.

Testing has shown terminal performance is dramatically improved by inserting a. Machined versus Swaged Bullets. Domestic Shipping. Box Quantity and Price.

Will the brass wear out my barrel? The brass is much softer than the barrel steel and will not harm the barrel. Barrels burn out from flame erosion, starting at the breech and moving toward the muzzle, bullet friction has no effect on barrel life.

Is there more fouling with a brass bullet? The brass will not foul the bore any more than a traditional copper-lead jacketed bullet. What do I use to clean the barrel with? Since the brass composition is very close to conventional bullets, any of the popular cleaning products will work.

The controlled fracturing concept is hydraulically initiated. The expansion phase occurs and is limited to the vitals region which has the highest fluid content.

A proper shot placement will result in all the petals affecting only the organs in the body cavity. Once the petals shear, the bullet base is back to bore diameter, making an at caliber hole upon exit. When I watch hunting shows, they always film the deer running away after being shot. Why is that? Swaged bullet manufacturing has not changed in one hundred years. Swaged bullets are formed in several operations on dedicated machines using a static process; the bullet is not spinning.

This process leads to cavity voids, inclusions, and off-center components that effect accuracy and repeatable terminal performance. A machined bullet is produced while spinning, the same as in flight, and the machining process allows unlimited design geometry, slots, multiple diameter hollow points, long boat tails, etc.

Do I need a suppressor to shoot subsonic bullets? A subsonic bullet can be fired from either a suppressed or non-suppressed gun. Even in a non-suppressed gun, a subsonic round is much, much more quiet than a high velocity round with greatly reduced recoil.

This makes subsonic shooting excellent for training new shooters as well as those that are recoil sensitive, and yes, we are all recoil sensitive. At Lehigh, we are huge advocates of subsonic hunting. With the terminal performance of our subsonic bullets there is no need for the abuse and noise from magnum, high velocity ammunition.

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Domestic Shipping How are the bullets shipped? The bullets are packaged in plastic ammo boxes, each bullet in its own cavity to prevent any shipping damage. Can you ship my order via overnight? If you really need overnight shipment, please email us and we will see what we can do. Exporting Can you export?

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Yes, we can export bullets upon submittal and approval by the US Department of State. Each country has different procedures for importing. As the procedures are defined, they will be posted for each country.I got into the game of subsonic shooting a few years back when I was debating taking a dive into suppressor ownership. Despite the fact that I never actually got a can, I learned a great deal about what it takes to not only make subsonic ammunition work in a rifle but some tips and tricks for maximizing your gear and reloading economy.

First it is obviously a working velocity below the speed of sound.

clays 308 subsonic

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is my belief that truly functional subsonic ammunition needs to always be under the speed of sound, not flirting with it. As a result, I have found that a velocity of fps at the muzzle is a nearly optimum speed for any condition range. The second thing to concern yourself is one that often escapes people: bullet stability.

The projectile must be able to stabilize in subsonic flight in order to be accurate. Why not a semiauto. The rifle I have has a This twist rate is common to many. Why not a ? You are almost guaranteed a keyhole from a bore.

Trail Boss TB was originally designed to work in cowboy action cartridges like. I load lots of. The kernels of powder look like little Cheerios at first glance. This powder is suited to. Fifteen grains of TB is enough to nearly fill a. What this provides is even and consistent cartridge ignition. Other pistol powders will not fill the case and this can result in erratic velocities or dangerous pressure curves.

There are several schools of thought when it comes to picking the right bullets for subsonic use. Most are familiar with the use of heavy match bullets in the.

308 subsonic loads for 1/12 twist

The or twist rates of the. These bullets each represent an extreme on the scale of shape and performance. The gr RN is a fairly archaic design and would be right at home in vintage.

So which one will fare better at the same speed? Since our target velocity is fps, I began load development starting high and working my way down.

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